• Design Criteria and Functional Analysis of the Modal Interchange Transport Station in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Santa Catalina Deck)


TRN Ingeniería is specialized in environmentally integrated solutions that create social reality. Company policy promotes quality with an emphasis on environmental integration.

Operation consulting

TRN Ingeniería’s experience with transport operator companies allows us to take the operational necessities at each stage of a project into account. This knowledge allows us to advise operators with service optimization studies, float suitability, operation assistant systems, demand studies and systems audits.

Preliminary Design

TRN Ingeniería develops Preliminary Design as the first solution to a problem. These designs must then be developed into bona fide projects. Therefore, preliminary design must take the final solution into account.

Concession Tenders

The main task for an engineering company is to be competitive in design, both in quality and price. TRN Ingeniería searches for both high-quality and low-price solutions.

Detailed Design

The degree of details and development of a Building Project must allow projects to be developed without additional effort. TRN Ingeniería makes this possible thanks to the attention to detail present in its projects.