For TRN Ingeniería, planning is the first and most important step in designing and developing transport systems, as it is directly linked to the quality of the final project. Therefore, we pay special attention to this stage.

Transport Planning

The aim of the Planning and Urban Transport department is promoting efficient transport systems while encouraging sustainable urban development. TRN Ingeniería’s methodology is based on the analysis of various technical solutions suitable for the environment, defining the solution that meets a particular transportation objective.

Demand Analysis

TRN Ingeniería carries out Demand Analysis by using TransCAD software, GIS specialized in demand modeling, for mobility, modal split and the assignment of journeys in different scenarios and time horizons of transport lines and networks.

Traffic Analysis

The Planning Department also provides technical support to other departments through Traffic Analyses for conventional roads, as well as for high capacity roads. We follow the recommendations of the “Highway Capacity Manual” in order to obtain information about traffic, based on Service Levels throughout the lifespan of infrastructures.

Functionality Studies

For TRN Ingeniería, Functionality Studies are the first and most important steps in order to perform the correct analysis and design of the final solution to be developed. This is always the first step in any of our projects.

Preliminary Studies

Preliminary Studies are the first instruments used by the private sector in developing roads solutions. Our studies blend environmental and social impacts with various technical solutions. TRN Ingeniería has carried out a number of projects in this area.