A large portion of Government financial resources are used to maintain and improve the existing road network. To ensure the effectiveness of this investment, it is necessary to perform studies that take best practices for maintenance into account. Therefore, TRN Ingeniería performs field work when necessary.

Project list

  • Detailed design, road safety study, junction improvement and access roads restructuring in Vilagrassa (Lleida).

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  • Rest areas detailed design in the highways A-4 and A-5 in the provinces of Toledo and Ciudad Real. Identification Code: 39-TO-4000 / 39-CR-3750 / 39-CR-3760 / 39-TO-4010 / 39-TO-4020 / 39-TO-4030.

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  • Road Safety Design and Road Surface Design of the Study 33-PO-4060, K.P. 132,8 to 133,2. Various stretches: 39-PO-4090, N-640, P.K. 150,7 to 152,4, Ponte Vilariño; 38-PO-4080, N-541, P.K. 81,8 AL 82,2; 81,8 AL 82,2; 39-PO-4100, N-550, P.K. 147,5 to 1

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