Transport Planning

The scarcity of land in the urban setting requires us to think creatively in order to ensure that land is available for multiple uses. One of these uses is transport, in order to guarantee citizens’ mobility. Transport Planning consists of searching for the difficult balance between minimum occupation of land and universal accessibility to the transport system. It is not only about sharing the land with various users, but also about sharing it with the different modes of transport: public transport; private vehicles; transport of goods (freight transport); and, non-mechanized modes, attending to the requirements of each mode and prioritizing the most suitable approach for each particular case.

Project list

  • Viability study for an intermodal platform in Ngaoundere (Cameroon)

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  • Development and / or Departmental Update Road Inventory for the department of Guaviare

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  • Avenida de Cordoba Bus reserved platform detailed design, between Glorieta de Cádiz and Glorieta de Málaga.

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