In today’s society, mobility is one of the main goals for economic and social development. Roads are fundamental to achieving this objective, and TRN Ingeniería understands their role in improving competitiveness, enhancing public safety and protecting the environment.

Sub-activity lines

High Capacity Roads

High Capacity Roads (highways, expressways, etc.) continue to gain importance as means of mobility. TRN Ingeniería demands the highest quality standards in these projects in terms of design, development, environment suitability and safety.


A large portion of Government financial resources are used to maintain and improve the existing road network. To ensure the effectiveness of this investment, it is necessary to perform studies that take best practices for maintenance into account. Therefore, TRN Ingeniería performs field work when necessary.

Standard Roads

Conventional Roads are the basic mobility solution. They have to be built with the same quality standards as High Capacity Roads, thereby eliminating inadequacies that may prompt safety hazards. TRN Ingeniería utilizes a range of engineering solutions to minimize these hazards.