Urban transport

The adaptation of mobility in the cities is a main necessity in our society and it must be properly attended to. It is the basis of our urban transport activity. Designing a transport system to satisfy this need requires multidisciplinary work teams specialized in solving and analyzing this complex problem. The Planning and Urban Transport Department of TRN Ingeniería has a team of qualified professionals with experience planning and developing urban transport systems.

Sub-activity lines

Commuter trains

The constant growth of metropolitan areas does not allow for permanent solutions for urban transport. It is necessary to plan transport systems appropriate for the size of the conurbation. In the largest metropolitan areas, the highest capacity transport system is the commuter train.


Public transport, specifically collective transport, requires parking areas, garages and control stations so that the support equipment (which allows to keep and operate the float) functions properly.


Each transport mode has its own optimum scope; therefore, an urban transport system cannot be based on just one of these modes. As urban areas grow, the more extensive their transport networks become, calling for an effective system of intermodal stations.

Reserved platforms

Surface Public Transport exhibits the difficulty of sharing the road network with private transport. Traffic congestion during rush hour periods is the main difficulty and has a highly negative impact on public transport.

Subways and Tramways

The subway is best the medium- to high-capacity transport system for large urban areas. Designing a subway line requires a multidisciplinary team and

Transport Planning

The scarcity of land in the urban setting requires us to think creatively in order to ensure that land is available for multiple uses. One of these uses is transport, in order to guarantee citizens’ mobility. Transport Planning consists of searching for the difficult balance between minimum occupation of land and universal accessibility to the transport system.

Urban Integration

Urban layout of transport infrastructures requires good integration in order to avoid social rejection. Railways, as well as high capacity roads, require special attention to make them environment friendly. Integration requires a detailed study of each particular case in order to find the best solution.