They are understood as a basic system for articulating intermodal transport services for passengers and goods.

Sub-activity lines

High Speed Rail

The aim is to be useful by means of travel times that are more competitive than other transport systems. TRN Ingeniería demands the highest quality standards of the planned solutions throughout the entire process (design, development and environmental adaptation).

Standard Rail

Its objective is to improve the accessibility of the entire territory by articulating it with high-speed rail and coordinating the regional railway systems. TRN Ingeniería develops solutions that are suitable for the railway framework, optimizing solutions from the point of view of the functionality of the railway.

Railways Stations

Stations link the railway with the city and its citizens, serving as a point of reference. TRN Ingeniería designs stations keeping the urban environment surrounding the facilities in mind. In order meet this objective, TRN Ingeniería contributes with its experience in all areas and projects related to railway station design.

Railways Facilities

They are the most important nodes in the railway system. TRN Ingeniería contributes with its experience in planning; design; state-of-the-art technological knowledge of superstructures; machinery; and, facilities and operation consulting. TRN Ingeniería does so by constantly optimizing and adapting solutions to clients’ necessities.